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From funnel to flywheel

The sales funnel is a slightly strange name for a basic concept of sales; to be able to channel, or funnel, potential customers into becoming actual customers. This funnel produces sales, and thus keeps your business running as products and services reach consumers. A newer concept being looked at in marketing is the sales flywheel. […]

Bridging the Gap with Integrated Marketing Concepts

Integrating marketing concepts to work with outreach, or communication-specific techniques, is a win/win, as it provides communicators with a wider array of tools. For example, personas, which are prototypes of clients that need to be outreached to, are always useful and germane for digital marketers and for communicators to keep front and center in their […]

How Voice-Activated Tech Will Change Content Marketing

The power of voice and voice-activated technology is rapidly becoming not just the next big thing, but the big thing of the day. Consumers are increasingly adopting voice technology in new and powerful ways, and this represents not just an opportunity for businesses to reach those customers, but a chance to tap into it for […]

Is Your Brand Breaking the Law on Social Media?

Even though many of the successful people in the world say it is better to ask for forgiveness later than it is permission, when it comes to using another’s copyrighted images that may not be the best idea. Doing so could have serious legal consequences. Whether it is someone’s photograph, music or any other signature […]

How to drive clicks through effective meta descriptions

Website content can be an essential, even crucial, aspect of not only attracting a potential customer but driving them through to becoming an actual customer for your business. Content marketing is all about how to do this, but the field is becoming increasingly crowded as businesses large and small inundate the Internet with content in […]

Is hiding paid backlinks from Google actually possible?

There are some tips and tricks to increase your Search Engine Optimization(SEO). One method is the backlink which is a link from another site to your site. More reputable brands should generally have more sites linking to them as a source. Search engines are constantly updating, calculating and interpreting data. Eventually, paid backlink buyers get […]

6 Steps to Leverage Online Events to Start and Grow Your Business

The most successful entrepreneurs are often successful leaders. Few, really no, businesses are truly a one person effort. When other people are involved, that requires leadership to organize and direct their efforts to achieve the desired goals. And even when you’re not the boss, but one of the employees on the team, you want to […]

Twitter for Marketing – A Refresher

There are ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Several key tips can help to better market with the social media tool such as showcasing your brand. This involves keeping a clean twitter profile page, keeping it plain and simple. Share interesting content, which will make people want to retweet gaining viewers. Then other […]

The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Email Strategy

The concept of an influencer is it’s a person or entity that can influence potential customers. Much like the neighbors on your street might have traded talk about who they do or don’t like to make purchases from. Social media influencers can reach a broad swath of potential customers and help them become actual customers. […]

2019 B2B Content Marketing Research: It Pays to Put Audience First

Business to business marketing is nothing new, but it is a bit more of a novel concept to some business leaders and owners. Content marketing is often thought of as a way to land end-user consumers, but the same techniques and methods that entice recreational web surfers and social media users can attract the attention […]