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The Ultimate Influencer Outreach Email Strategy

The concept of an influencer is it’s a person or entity that can influence potential customers. Much like the neighbors on your street might have traded talk about who they do or don’t like to make purchases from. Social media influencers can reach a broad swath of potential customers and help them become actual customers. And with the extremely pervasive reach of social media networks, modern influencers can make nearly instant impacts, for better or worse, with today’s brands and businesses.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trend watchers assert that using influencers is now the fastest-growing path to acquiring new traffic for your site.
  • Using influencers has now surpassed organic search and email campaigns as the best way to find and develop leads.
  • ROI-wise, banner ads generally generate a 2.15 return on a dollar spent.

“Often, these influencers are using your products or services in real life, giving customers a glimpse into what life looks like with you in it. Better than an ad campaign is a living and breathing example of what your product can do.”

Read more: https://blog.getresponse.com/ultimate-influencer-outreach-email-strategy.html