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From funnel to flywheel

The sales funnel is a slightly strange name for a basic concept of sales; to be able to channel, or funnel, potential customers into becoming actual customers. This funnel produces sales, and thus keeps your business running as products and services reach consumers. A newer concept being looked at in marketing is the sales flywheel. Where a funnel moves through to a sale, the concept of the sales flywheel is that the core concepts are interconnected and self-sustaining. Namely, that marketing can lead to sales, which requires service, which can lead back to marketing, and thus sustain the ongoing effort to maintain and reach customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • The key to marketing is to ensure that you are focusing on the customer you want to reach.
  • If you are not making your marketing efforts catered to a particular demographic, it could be a waste.
  • You want to center your customer as the people who drive the sales for your company.

“The greater the mass of the flywheel, the greater its momentum and the harder it is to stop.”

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