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Bridging the Gap with Integrated Marketing Concepts

Integrating marketing concepts to work with outreach, or communication-specific techniques, is a win/win, as it provides communicators with a wider array of tools. For example, personas, which are prototypes of clients that need to be outreached to, are always useful and germane for digital marketers and for communicators to keep front and center in their mind when they put together their campaigns. Another example of aligning different concepts to work in an integrated way is to use sales strategies in communication. The two fields are often treated as distinct and having nothing to do with one another, when in fact what resonates in sales is often exactly what is needed to give added oomph to a media shout out. Analytics should also be important to communicators. Just as marketers and sales personnel need to show via metrics what their work is accomplishing, so to should those in the communication field. Numbers are always compelling proof of how well things are, or are not, doing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Personas, which are prototypes of the sort of niche client a company is aiming for, are good tools not just for marketers, but for communicators too.
  • Though often treated as disparate entities, salespeople and communicators have skill sets that would benefit each other to the betterment of the company.
  • PRSA ICON is the annual conference for the Public Relations Society of America.

“Using an integrated mindset creates more influence for the communications department within the organization while also providing a broader toolkit for the communicator themselves.”

Read more: https://www.waxmarketing.com/bridging-gap-integrated-marketing-concepts/