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Twitter for Marketing – A Refresher

There are ways to use Twitter as a marketing tool. Several key tips can help to better market with the social media tool such as showcasing your brand. This involves keeping a clean twitter profile page, keeping it plain and simple. Share interesting content, which will make people want to retweet gaining viewers. Then other simple tips include continuous tweets, use hashtags, especially popular ones. Also, try twitter ads which have been growing in popularity.

Key Takeaways:

  • 69 million users make use of Twitter and about half that number use it every single day.
  • Business entities using Twitter to get a higher online profile should keep things professional, avoid the personal and incorporate a business logo, if doable.
  • A short, formal bio with background images that tie in with your brand concept is a good call.

“Online conversations these days are much like any other face-to-face meetings.”

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