Copywriting Mistakes that Affect Your Reputation

Copywriting mistakes can negatively affect your reputation. It seems to be geared toward people who host their own websites and create original content that they host their. It strives to help you realize that even if you don’t make the copywriting error, hosting someone on your website who makes mistakes on your behalf can also […]

Why You Need Vertical Visuals If Your Audience is Mobile

It is important to have vertical visuals to use on mobile phones. Nearly 30% of Americans watch video content on their phones in the vertical setting. Using a few visuals it shows how a video properly formatted for vertical viewing makes a huge difference on a smart phone. Some examples of things to edit vertically […]

How to Create a Perfect Testimonial Video

To make sure viewers of a website are more engaged, the website should include video testimonials. Video testimonials are just like text testimonials but with a person speaking in/over a video of whatever they are promoting. The video testimonial seems to attract more people to the advertisement because it is almost like a referral as […]

Instagram is Working on its Own Shopping App

Internet sources have released that there may be potential for Instagram to expand their platform for businesses to sell their goods and services to users with an Instagram account directly via a new service called IG Shopping. Though Instagram has yet to comment or reveal the company’s plans, including the name of the new service, […]

Why You Should Stop Talking About Yourself in Your Content Marketing

Many content marketers are distancing their companies from the consumer because they spend to much time talking about themselves. Their focus tends to be on the desires of the company as opposed to the customer. Studies show that directing content towards the customer vs the business increases the likelihood of the consumer making the purchase […]

How to Create LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn offers many different tools to help bring attention to a product or service, and can specifically help reach a specific type of audience you wish to find. One of these tools is the video creator. You can use the video creator to create ads for your business, or maybe even a testimonial video. These […]

Three ways to properly navigate marketing research in the age of data

Marketing research in today’s age of data might be difficult. Availability of marketing information is not the problem, the problem is the use of it. Especially at the times when there are regulations of GDPR compliance which need to be obeyed by marketers. Thankfully there is a solution. In modern times, there is modern technology that […]

Your Pre-Launch Checklist: Debuting Your eCommerce Business

There should be a checklist of things that a person goes through before they launch the debut of their eCommerce business. The first thing to consider would be the name of the business and the domain name being used. Both of these things give off the first impression to the customer and should be creative. […]

Why Entrepreneurs Fail at Personal Branding

The major reason why many Entrepreneurs fail with their personal branding is they forget to understand their time and effort. Apart from these, the entrepreneur sometimes doesn’t believe in themselves. Clearing the doubts of your customers is very important. Try to fully understand what is personal branding, it depends on how people think about you. […]

3 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Sales

When you are placing Ads on Facebook, you should use one or all three of the Facebook Ad types in order to improve your sales. The Carousel Ad allows you to promote your product in a combination of a video and slideshow. The “Shop Now” feature needs to be enabled so that your ad is […]