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Why You Should Stop Talking About Yourself in Your Content Marketing

Many content marketers are distancing their companies from the consumer because they spend to much time talking about themselves. Their focus tends to be on the desires of the company as opposed to the customer. Studies show that directing content towards the customer vs the business increases the likelihood of the consumer making the purchase by over 120%. The main goal is to become the one stop shop for information that your target audience is looking for.

Key Takeaways:

  • More often than not, there is too much content displayed – more content that can be digested.
  • The more “audience-centric” the company is, the wider variety of customers will be within reach.
  • Content curation is key because it not only educates customers but also makes your company easier to find and pinpoints your company as a credible source to provide the solution for their needs.

“Majority of all online sessions—93% to be exact—begin with a search engine. Your audience needs answers and solutions to their problems. As much as 60% of US web users perform at least one search query a week to look for those answers.”

Read more: http://blog.scoop.it/2018/09/04/stop-talking-about-yourself-in-content-marketing/