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Three ways to properly navigate marketing research in the age of data

Marketing research in today’s age of data might be difficult. Availability of marketing information is not the problem, the problem is the use of it. Especially at the times when there are regulations of GDPR compliance which need to be obeyed by marketers. Thankfully there is a solution. In modern times, there is modern technology that can be successfully used to help with the research. One of them is tracking online viewing of the ads and websites, which helps to develop new strategies. Also, there are tools that can be used for predicting trends. Data research can be narrowed to just one group as well. All of this can work in favor of marketers, not against them.

Key Takeaways:

  • Overwhelming data can be confusing to people, not being able to sort through.
  • People are not aware that their data is being used.
  • Modern new data strategies to help narrow down searches streamline.

“Empirical research has become convoluted by the overwhelming number of data points regarding customer behavior and the market for products and services.”

Read more: https://www.marketingtechnews.net/news/2018/aug/31/three-ways-properly-navigate-marketing-research/