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How to Create Facebook In-Stream Video Ads

In-Stream video ads are ads that pop up to the viewer if they are watching a video on Facebook that is longer than 60 seconds long. This is especially effective since the viewer is already engaged in the video they are watching and will most likely continue to view attentively during the ad. There is also the possibility of limiting the viewing of the video to a certain audience/demographic. The first step to creating this in-stream video ad is to create the video in the first place, making sure that it will be interesting to the target audience. The next step would be to get it up and running on Facebook by setting up a new campaign in the Ads Manager tab. The final step is to decide and control the viewing audience of the video ad by selecting the appropriate placement selection.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can make advertisements with Stream Video Ad on Facebook.
  • If you want that people watch your video and access your website you need to take the Attention of the viewers in the first 5 seconds.
  • Be creative or say something funny or a shock so people will be curious about your product.

“One way to do this is to tell a story and make the narrative something that your audience will respond to. If the first 5 seconds of the story grabs their interest, they’ll likely want to know what happens at the end.”

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