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How to Create a Perfect Testimonial Video

To make sure viewers of a website are more engaged, the website should include video testimonials. Video testimonials are just like text testimonials but with a person speaking in/over a video of whatever they are promoting. The video testimonial seems to attract more people to the advertisement because it is almost like a referral as opposed to reading a text testimonial which may come across as not human or detached. In order to create the perfect video testimonial, the creator must be able to answer questions the viewers/clients may ask. The second step to creating a great video testimonial is to make sure that the location where the video is being filmed gives some sort of context or relates to what the video testimonial is about. The next step is to make sure that video creation is properly organized by ensuring all video recording materials, lighting, and people in the video are of good quality. The final steps would be interviewing the people giving their testimonies and editing the video.

Key Takeaways:

  • An effective testimonial video can generate affection and trust for your brand.
  • Technical details related to lighting, camera angles and sound are very important for producing an effective video.
  • A video must be edited to feature testimonial quotes that best express your brand message.

“When featured as the main attraction on a website page, testimonial videos can be more impactful than anything written by your company or any product video you may have created in the past.”

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