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7 Off-Page SEO Techniques to Build Your Website’s Reputation and Visibility

Search Engine Optimization is not something done entirely on the page being optimized; rather there are methods to enrich SEO that don’t include working with your content. Here are several strategies that can help your site reach the top of web search results. SEO is a multi-pronged approach. Using these techniques as well as your on-page SEO will help your site blossom into the flower search engines will notice. Guest blog on other established authoritative sites within your field. Prioritize the finding of broken/bad links that occur frequently. Find other players in your market and emulate the competition. Find out where your closest competitors leverage their time and resources to gain insight on your own moves. Social media platforms should be your next target after a functional website. Create a My Google Business! Create campaigns that can be shared with others, and remain active even when you do not have an active campaign.

Key Takeaways:

  • Use guest blogs as an opportunity to earn links to your site and build your reputation.
  • Request to add links to your product mentions whenever they are found.
  • Make sure all of your website links are working on the web pages of others to drive traffic.

“A search engine ranking isn’t solely based on your own site’s merits; it’s also a bit of a popularity contest.”

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