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3 Facebook Ad Types That Improve Sales

When you are placing Ads on Facebook, you should use one or all three of the Facebook Ad types in order to improve your sales. The Carousel Ad allows you to promote your product in a combination of a video and slideshow. The “Shop Now” feature needs to be enabled so that your ad is more effective. Consider a Facebook Slideshow Ad and make sure that you promote the product in such a way that newcomers will not have a chance to be as skeptical. If you include a promo code they can use it to get the product on sale. A video Ad allows you to showcase the product in a way that the viewers will be intrigued. They will watch the video furthermore and then you will have a higher chance of them purchasing the product in the end. The video Ad is more effective than if you were to just put up photos to sell your product.

Key Takeaways:

  • Facebook ads can be used to help promote business.
  • Carousal Ads are the most beneficial ads to use. They provide discount codes and immediately catch audience attention to send consumers to the website.
  • Slideshow ad is the most underutilized ad type of Facebook but can be very beneficial to businesses.

“It should come as no surprise that video is the most popular type of content on Facebook right now.”

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