How digital marketing has evolved over time

The digital marketing industry has seen much change in the past 30 years spanning over the internet era, the mobile internet era, and our current phase, the era of big data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). As our technology changes, so must the way people market these new markets and technologies. Where the past of digital marketing started with creating traffic and earning through advertising, to what we are using today like machine learning and cloud computing. Smartphones have paved the way for behavior and location data to grow into a new and expanding digital market.

Key Takeaways:

  • The evolution of the Internet has changed the way marketing is done, often called digital marketing.
  • Initially, there was skepticism in using the internet for any marketing purposes.
  • As time has passed the amount of available customer data has become enormous often requiring new technology to manage.

“Clients are not going to pay for marketing campaigns that are not effective in driving business.”

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